Katyayani Sharma

Travel Blogger

Katyayani is a software professional with an Mtech degree in Computer Science and a specialisation in Information Security. She’s also a freelance travel blogger and loves travelling solo. Travelling and exploring new places has always held a special place in her heart but she found a new voice after she travelled solo for the first time in September, 2018. Since then, she’s fallen in love with the process and now aims to share her travel experiences with the world, presenting the solutions she found to the various challenges she encountered on the way.

She is fuelled by her passion to bring out the undiscovered, unseen parts of India to the people and is inclined to explore the natural undetected beauty of the country. Katyayani firmly believes that India is a pool of rich, diverse cultures that are not given proper recognition due to the general lack of information surrounding them. Her aim is to promote the tourism in these lesser known, hidden gems of India and pave the path for a more rounded, more inclusive tourism industry. She’s from Ghaziabad, U.P. and is currently based in Bangalore.


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